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09 June 2012


My thanks to everyone who has commented over the last week - I know I didn't say much of anything, but I did check in from time to time, and it looks like some very smart things were said in my absence. I do not think, alas, that I will be able to take the time to respond to all of you, but rest assured that I've read each and every single comment, and enjoyed them all thoroughly.

So! I am back in Central Time, with a body and stomach that still think it's Eastern Time, and that's causing a slow & sleepy night; and as we all know, air travel sucks the life out of you. So I will not be posting today, just like I decided not to bother writing anything yesterday, on account of being on vacation and having crammed a week of blogging into two days to make sure that I didn't absolutely have to touch a computer for seven straight days. Be comforted in knowing that I did see my share of movies while gone, and they will start showing up on the blog, starting with my week-late, nobody-gives-a-damn review of last weekend's #1 box office champ, followed by Bond and the Sunday/Monday Blockbuster History entry and so on and so forth. In the meanwhile, I offer this musical tribute to the city of my recent vacationing, as taken from a movie that all of you should see right now if you haven't already.

Having not visited the Bronx, I cannot vouch for it being up, though the Battery certainly is down.


Mike said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Prometheus!

RickR said...

^Yes. This.

I just saw it and can't wait to compare notes.

Mysterious F. said...

You're in charge of adding your own reviews to Rotten Tomatoes, right Tim? Please do so; any 10/10 review for Blade Runner is a review that needs to be included.