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05 August 2010


I am, without doubt, late to the party; but I couldn't pass up the first regular episode of Nathaniel R's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" series, in which he invites anyone with the will to pick their favorite image from a movie he preselected. Today's - make that yesterday's - candidate: Paul Verhoeven's amazing camp masterpiece Showgirls.

How to pick just one image from a movie as chockablock full of brilliantly mad conceits and wretched excess as this one? In the end, I went with one that isn't necessarily a particularly colorful or well-framed image, but seems to me to an appropriate encapsulation of the bent energy that makes the film such a gas.

It's utterly and absolutely NSFW.

Two horrible people fucking in a pool in Vegas - what screams "ludicrous hedonism" more than that? And not just normal-people fucking, but the most enthusiastically gymnastic fucking in any movie I can immediately recall having seen. Nothing sums up the Showgirls experience to me as does observing that Elizabeth Berkley is, by all available evidence, humping Kyle MacLachlan's solar plexus.



two horrible people fucking in a pool' HA. so true. Y'know i know we're supposed to think that everyone is "bad" (thespianically speaking) in this movie but i think they're all pretty great because everyone is just so crudely boldly colored. And isn't Kyle Maclachlan's chin and profile its own ludicrous homage to profane hedonism?

what am i talking about? sorry. this movie makes me crazy (with love)...

Tim said...

Not to give away a surprise or nuthin, but I plan on going a little love-crazy myself on a certain movie's 15th birthday this September.

The.Watcher said... that particular movie comprised of two words? The first word starts with a T and the last one ends with a Y?

Am I right?

Tim said...

Oh, no, I meant Showgirls. I've already given Toy Story some excessive love recently.

quidquid said...

I was going to be REALLY SAD if the screenshot was not from this scene.